Whatever Cherry did had her distinctive stamp on it. From frills on kurtas to quirky
writing for the web site. She created the distinctive look of our garments .

Cherry was involved in all the initial work of setting up the people tree web-site.
Since she was one of the people that made the bookshop at People tree in Delhi,
happen, so she selected the books put up on the web.
She wrote reviews, answered mails.and went on to coordinate all the activity associated with the site.
The.names she chose( for products) conjured up images of places one would want to visit.
Birds that one would want so see fly by. Flowers one would want to smell

Cherry was very interested in web- design.
She created the pages on the People Tree web-site about jewellery designer Simran.

So right here at People Tree we continue to be inspired by her.
We see her in everything we do.
She is very much here.
In the clothes you can see hanging in the shop, the books on the shelves,
the health foods,in the pages on the web....
She lives.